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about us


Solid Sports Academy is a nonprofit organization based in the South Sacramento area that trains children ages 5 and up in basketball and football with an emphasis on fundamentals and player development. Our young athletes have the opportunity to learn through one on training, camps and team clinics.  As a fight against childhood obesity and other health issues that plague our children we also work on nutrition, healthy eating on a budget and family fun camps.
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Solid Ground Sports Academy was born out of a desire to stay connected to the game of basketball after over 15 years of coaching.  During a conversation with 2 of my coaching colleagues we came to the conclusion that by the time young athletes reach high school very few are fundamentally sound.  Considering the desire I had to stay connected to the game I fell in love with at 6 years old and the lack of fundamentally sound players, I made the decision to start a basketball academy, Solid Ground Basketball Academy.  The name Solid Ground comes from my desire to make sure that every player that comes through our academy has a fundamentally sound foundation through what I like to call “Rock Solid Fundamentals.” However, after another conversation with a dear friend about this new venture she gave me some very good advice, don’t limit yourself.”  After giving what she said some thought, the name was changed from Solid Ground “Basketball” to Solid Ground Sports Academy.  


Our only competition is building community ... So that we all win!

Solid Ground Sports Academy